Professionalism as an Interpreter






Interpreting is a highly skilled and difficult profession. You must have a foundation of a good education, superb bilingual skills, training and experience. Professional interpreters work to remove language barriers while facilitating access to services and education. Interpreters act as language conduits to allow effective communication despite cultural and linguistic differences.

When entering the industry, it’s vital to receive standardized training to provide the best experience possible. All parties benefit from a properly trained interpreter. Communication flows more easily and efficiently when everyone knows what to expect. This course, Professionalism as an Interpreter, covers the basics you need to start a career as an interpreter. It’s also useful for anyone working with a multilingual population. You’ll learn dos and don’ts, interpreting procedure, and a background into interpreting theory including the role of the interpreter. Our course teaches you how to set boundaries and put your best foot forward on your assignments.

Professionalism as an Interpreter is available as an interactive e-learning course. The course is designed for multilingual speakers. It’s designed to give an insider’s perspective of the interpreting industry. The course is broken into three modules.  Each corresponds to a stage in the process: before, during, and after an assignment. Module one focuses on the preparation and questions an interpreter should consider before an assignment. Module two explains the role of the interpreter and best practices for maintaining work flow while on the job. Module three walks the participant through conclusion processes. Whether you’re starting a new career as an interpreter or incorporate interpreting into your current position, it’s an excellent fit. By the end of the course, participants will have a better working knowledge of the interpreting industry. You’ll understand interpreting standards, the role of an interpreter, and best practices while on the job.


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