Understanding HIPAA

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Understanding HIPAA is an interactive eLearning course designed especially for Interpreters, employees and teams who are looking to work or working in a healthcare setting.





HIPAA is the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. This Act requires that all covered entities and associates provide HIPAA training to workers who handle Protected Health Information (PHI). HIPAA training is important not only for preventing breaches, including ID crimes, but also to help detect potential mishaps. Any employee who has access to patient information must understand their role and responsibilities when working with PHI.

Understanding HIPAA is an interactive e-learning course. The course is designed for employees and teams working in industries and facilities that process PHI. This includes healthcare, data protection and processing, healthcare and business analytics, insurance, claims, and clearinghouses. The course is designed for people with all levels of HIPAA experience, from new hires to long-term workers. From basics to training refresh, everyone benefits when PHI is properly explained and guarded. Making Understanding HIPAA a part of your standardized orientation is an excellent way to ensure patient and company safety.

The course includes a quick history of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. This allows employees to better understand the context in which the Act was established. We also emphasize why the Act is relevant to every worker in America. We cover the importance of protecting PHI from both a legal and personal standpoint to highlight standards and best practices. It’s easy to use the Act on an everyday basis with the proper foundation!  Understanding data protection, anonymity, and Administrative Simplification is vital to appropriate conduct while on-the-job. We’ll cover best practices and tips to keep your workplace safe. Finally, information about how to identify, fix, and report possible violations discusses the worst-case scenarios and how to proceed. By the end of the course, participants have a broad knowledge of HIPAA standards and how best to apply them.

1 review for Understanding HIPAA

  1. Katie

    Great presentation and summary of HIPAA rules and guidelines for interpreters. For those experience interpreters like me, it is a good reminder of my obligations in terms of PHI. Price is fair, but could be less 😉

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