Medical Terminology for Interpreters






Working in the medical field requires a profound knowledge of medical terms, procedures, and diagnostics. As a Medical Interpreter you might face a variety of situations where medical terminology knowledge is a plus. With this in mind, Global Arena has put together an interactive e-learning course to provide foundational knowledge for your career. This course is suitable for all who work in medicine and wish to have a better understanding of medical terminology. Whether you’re an interpreter, a non-clinical worker, a student, a representative, or a guardian, this course offers a starting point. In only three hours, you’ll learn medical terminology and anatomy basics to guide you through general appointments and scenarios.  Its holistic approach emphasizes the links between the bodily systems, to teach anatomy as a puzzle that fits perfectly.

Medical Terminology for Interpreters is available as an interactive e-learning course. The course is designed for interpreters of all skill levels. This course is also suitable for professionals need a broader working knowledge of anatomy and physiology. The course offers participants a better understanding of the major bodily systems, human anatomy, specialists, and diagnostic procedures. Course materials also include a glossary with spaces to write words and phrases in your target language or with pronunciation notes.

The course was created through collaboration with medical professionals including general practice doctors, specialists, nurses, and university professors and researchers. It consists of twelve modules. Module one covers common specialists, diagnostic procedures, and scans. Modules two through twelve correspond to bodily systems: skeletal, circulatory, respiratory, muscular, gastrointestinal, integumentary, nervous, immune, endocrine, renal/urinary, and reproductive. Participants are encouraged to identify functions, anatomy, processes, and describe common maladies and injuries. By the course conclusion, interpreters of all skill levels and experience will be equipped with a basic knowledge of all of these systems.


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