How to work with Interpreters effectively


This program is available as an interactive eLearning course.





Working with interpreters is a vital practice when you’re looking to globalize your business. Liaising with foreign clients and multilingual populations is more common than ever before.  Business and Health Care travelers are the new normal. Interpreters facilitate efficient communication between parties that don’t speak a common language. Business, legal and medical encounters rely more and more on language services staff.  Interpreters help ideas, concepts and information to be exchanged successfully. However, there’s a first time for everything—and working with an interpreter is no different.

We’ve created this course to help companies and organizations who want to learn how to work effectively with interpreters. Hiring the proper interpreter for the job makes an extraordinary difference to your client experience. A properly trained interpreter essentially disappears, allowing communication to flow as naturally as though everyone spoke the same language.

Working with Interpreters in a Professional Setting is available as an e-learning course. This quick course is designed for employees and teams who work with international populations and clients. The course gives an insider’s perspective of the interpreting industry. It’s divided into two modules. Module one covers:

  • the role of the interpreter
  • the differences between interpreters and foreign language speakers
  • different interpreting styles and specialties
  • the hiring process for foreign language interpreters
  • interpreting trainings

Module two explains:

  • the differences between working with agencies and independent contractors
  • proper request procedure for working with an agency
  • quick tips for before, during, and after your interpreting session.

By the end of the course, participants will have a working knowledge of the interpreting industry. You’ll also better understand the hiring process and standards for foreign language interpreters. Finally, you’ll gain helpful insight and best practices for working with foreign language interpreters and multilingual clients or patients.


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